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Binj is Making Data More Human

Binj is a consumer intelligence & marketing AI platform powered by our proprietary Personality Driven Segmentation (PDS)

With just one sentence about your brand, Binj will instantly connect you to the heart of your target audience, increasing efficiency, ROI and ROAS.

AI Content Strategy

Binj tailors content with AI based on audience emotions, optimizing channels and formats for engagement and growth. Its feedback loop drives sustained audience growth and conversion.

Creator & Influencer Mapping

Binj automates creator mapping by analyzing vast datasets, identifying the most relevant influencers and content creators.It dynamically updates using machine learning to match trends and preferences, facilitating hyper-targeted collaborations.

PDS Solutions

Content Validation

Binj predicts creative impact using advanced algorithms, bypassing costly A/B testing while ensuring optimal performance. Through data analysis, it guarantees efficiency in imagery, messaging, and tone.

Ad Creation Automation

Binj automates ad creation using machine learning, optimizing for personality-driven segmentation and audience preferences. Through data analysis, it provides inputs to maximize engagement, lower costs and increase conversion rates.

Personality Driven Segmentation (PDS)


Lifestyle and Emotional Behavior

Social and Cultural Influence

Age, Gender & Race

Binj solves these challenges with its patent pending Personality Driven Segmentation (PDS) technology. By analyzing extensive data efficiently and accurately, Binj offers a cost-effective, reliable, and privacy-compliant way to gain deep insights into consumer behavior, streamlining the marketing process.

Artificial Intelligence


Machine Learning


Emotional Reactions


Content Pieces



+192Data Sources
+ Proprietary

Successful Enterprise Case Studies

Collaborating with industry leaders, we demonstrate our effective data intelligence, user experience, and proven ROI/ROAS. 

This initiative cements our commitment as a performance-driven, preferred business partner.

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